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5 ways to break free of living payday to payday

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Your Money Coach

Amira MacCue, founder of Your Money Habit, is an award winning, certified spending planner who is dedicated  to teaching people how to overcome financial stress long term and be confident about their future using new and improved money management techniques and the latest research in habit changing. 

  • "I attended a Your Money Habit Workshop and it was full of valuable advice as well as being great fun. If you are looking for some motivation, tips or advice to look after your money better, this is a warm, friendly and non-judgmental way to start your journey"

    Melinda L.

  • "While attending the Let’s talk about Money workshop, I was shocked at how much denial I have been in regarding the output of money in our household, and how much more planning ahead is needed. I would suggest people don't wait until you reach an older age like me.... take a courageous step and sign up to this inspiring and helpful course and do it for 'your' life. I have confidence, peace of mind and there is harmony in our home today! Financial pressure is too much for anyone. When I have this plan in place, I have a structure to follow, and that stops me from spending haphazardly, especially when I am distracted and in shopping centers, etc. Amira has been a very patient, encouraging and enthusiastic 'Guide', who really understands what I go through and I always feel safe and inspired."

    Maree T.

  • "I recently attended the webinar with Amira and her knowledge and expertise is phenomenal. It has absolutely blown me away. Her style of imparting her knowledge in a very easy and understandable language is the main highlight of her service. Even her smiling face in all interactions with me, in person or on webinars, is a great quality she has."

    Umesh K.